"Thank you for your excellent service. We appreciate it!!"

-Ernesto Mendez

"When my husband and I moved to Montpelier we thought we had to forgo composting since we moved into an apartment downtown. I was so pleased to find Earthgirl's poster at the CO-OP. For the year we lived in our apartment we were able to compost our food waste with ease, even though we had not one bit of land to compost on! Earthgirl Composting is a wonderful service that promotes the great value of turning food back into earth. Thank you!"

-Vicki Kuskowski

"For those of us who have no way to compost our food waste, Earthgirl Composting has been the answer! No more smelly trash bags and guilty conscience for filling up the land - instead, timely pickups and friendly service!"

-Cynthia and David Hartnett

"I was introduced to Curbside Compost Pickup by a coworker several years ago and one of the things I was told that was that composting had it cut down on their trash by half. I thought for a family of 3, soon to be 4, that it was a good idea. After the first time we turned in our buckets, we noticed a big difference in our trash amount. We saved money and trips to the dump and helped the environment at the same time. Composting has been great for our family and have recommended it to others. It is very easy way to save our planet. Thank you Megan for such a tremendous effort in making our lives better and healthier. "

-Carmelita Katon

"Thinking ahead to hire Earthgirl Composting, was for the money, an excellent way to walk the talk and educate our conference attendees about small ways that can make a big difference. One hotel conference center composting might be small, but if all hotels composted the results would be profound!"

-Roger Stephenson
Clean Air Cool Planet

"We have over 100 staff and 3 kitchens at VEIC. Composting is very important to us and the service Earthgirl Composting provides is invaluable. We used to rely on staff to take the buckets when they were full, but it became a chore to recruit volunteers. Since Earthgirl, we have doubled the amount of compost coming out of our kitchens each week."

-Danielle McMahon, Office Manager
Vermont Energy Investment Corporation

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