Compost Pickup Services
(available to households and non-food-based businesses*)

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What Can Be Composted With Earthgirl Composting?

EARTHGIRL COMPOSTING will provide you with a five gallon bucket. We will pick up your full bucket weekly, biweekly or monthly, leave you an empty clean bucket and deliver your waste to a local composting facility or farm.

YOU DECIDE how often and we will do the rest.

When you compost with EARTHGIRL COMPOSTING you are making a difference.

Regularly scheduled pickups for food scraps and brown paper:

  • Residential curbside pickup: (A household of two that eats most meals at home will typically fill one bucket every two weeks.)
    • $10.50/bucket for weekly pickup
    • $15.50/bucket for biweekly pickup
    • $20.50/bucket for monthly pickup
    • Discounts available to employees of businesses that use our services.

    (Applicable for new residential accounts only.)

    Fees are per pickup
    • $8/ bucket for weekly pickup
    • $12/ bucket for biweekly pickup
    • $15/ bucket for monthly pickup

  • Commercial onsite pickup (weekly pickup only):
    • $13.00/bucket
    • $6.50/bucket for bathroom paper towel waste
    • Ask about corporate discounts for your employees.

Event Composting:

  • You can compost at your party, wedding, conference, meeting, or any other event. We will provide you with an estimate based on your menu and the number of attendees.

* Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to offer compost pickup for food-based businesses at this time.

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